Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lake Tahoe 2013

Cayson and I recently took a trip with his mom, Candace, to the beautiful Lake Tahoe.  I had been to Tahoe once before for on a New Years trip but it was snowy and stormy so I didn't get to experience much other than my ski cabin.  Cayson's family was originally from Lake Tahoe before they moved to Hawaii and he spent many of his summers working at his brother's burger joint, The Char Pit.  A friend of Candace's was nice enough to let us stay in one of her rental apartments just right across the street from the Casinos in King's Beach!

Our first day out on the boat with Candace and Anne.

Cayson swimming in the freezing cold water... I only went in knee deep and it was literally hard to breath. No thanks. 

We hiked around and found a "Secret Cove".  Accidentally came across some nude sun-bathers, not so pleasant! I guess that's a regular thing in this particular cove. :/

Looking forward to our next trip to Lake Tahoe!

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