Thursday, April 25, 2013

 Santa Barbara Courthouse

The stunningly beautiful Santa Barbara Courthouse is only a couple blocks away from my apartment.  I drive by it several times a day but haven't taken the time roam around it in years.  Santa Barbara is full of beautiful buildings but, in my opinion, the courthouse takes the cake.  It was finished being built in 1929 after it was severely damaged in an earthquake in 1925.  It was designed by William Mooser III and has been called the most beautiful government building in America ( not to brag )  It's the perfect example of the Spanish Colonial style seen in many buildings throughout the city.  You can take an elevator to the "El Mirador" clocktower to get an incredible view of the city! 

Here I am, bundled up and sitting just outside the front of the courthouse.  Enjoying a rare rainy day! 

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